Zdeno Chara continues to deliver the goods on Instagram.

The Boston Bruins defenseman has been an Instagram goldmine ever since hopping on the social-media bandwagon in January. Chara continued that trend Saturday with a post dedicated to the Boston Marathon and its courageous competitors.

Chara shared a photo himself greeting frequent marathoners Dick and Rick Hoyt, a remarkable father-son duo from Holland, Mass. At birth, Rick was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a condition which renders him incapable of controlling his muscles. His father, Dick, assists him in athletic events in various ways, such as pushing him in a wheelchair, pulling him in a small boat while he swims and carrying him in a special seat in front of a bicycle.

In addition to honoring Team Hoyt, Chara wished good luck to all who will compete in the marathon Monday morning in Boston.

(You can click here to view the full post.)

“With Tomorrow’s Boston Marathon I would like to wish best of luck to all of the running athletes and participants,” Chara wrote. “Full Strength, Unbroken Will, Consistency throughout the whole race. Step by step, mile after mile. Running for time or walk at times it doesn’t matter. What really does matter is to give your best, not to give up and cross the finish line.

“One of the best Marathoners/Ironman to ever raced and showed the world what INSPIRATION, DEDICATION, ENDLESS WILL, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND YES YOU CAN IS MR.DICK AND RICK HOYT. What a pleasure and honor to meet you both.

#BostonStrong #OneBostonDay#bookdevoted,#NewBalance,#RichRoll,
#inspirations #motivation # nevergiveup.”

Well said.

Team Hoyt was inducted into the Ironman Hall of Fame in 2008.