Doris Burke Reveals Brad Stevens’ Humorous Response To Interview Gaffe


Brad Stevens is a soft-spoken, humble basketball savant, who by all accounts rarely gets rattled by the pressure of the moment.

And that coolness apparently comes with a hint of humor, even in the NBA playoffs.

ESPN sideline reporter and basketball analyst Doris Burke went on Zach Lowe’s “The Lowe Post” podcast and discussed her role as a sideline reporter during the playoffs, as well as her reaction to certain memorableĀ NBA Finals moments while on the job.

While revealing her strategy to make in-game interviews as quick as possible, especially during the playoffs, Burke revealed a humorous anecdote about the Boston Celtics head coach.

“I’ll tell you how long they are,” Burke said referencing playoff timeouts. “This is in the Eastern Conference finals, late, it might have been (Game 5 or 6) in the Eastern Conference finals and I had to restart an interview, it very rarely happens. I think our cameraman had gotten bumped as I go to interview Brad and my producer goes, ‘you have to start again.’ And that’s unusual.

“You know me, I don’t want to — I’m asking one question and we’re done typically in the (Eastern Conference finals) because this is the situation we are in. But I say to Brad Stevens, you know I just basically stop and restart and the next day when we see him at media I say, ‘I am so sorry for having to start again.’ He goes, ‘please, those timeouts are so long.'”

Classic Brad.

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