Things apparently turned ugly for WWE superstar Paige after Sunday night’s “Money in the Bank” pay-per-view.

Paige revealed on her Instagram story shortly after the event at Allstate Arena that a “fan” threw a pie in her face and made disparaging comments.

Here’s what she wrote in a post featuring her eating:

To the ‘fan’ that decided to pie face me through my car window and then tell me to “lose some weight Paige”.. you inspired me to keep being myself and eat whatever the f I want. Good luck with your karma!”

An eyewitness told that Paige, sitting in the passenger seat of a car while exiting the arena, was saying goodbye to fans and high-fiving some when a male fan struck her and yelled at her. The fan reportedly was confronted after the incident, though not by Paige, and it’s unclear whether authorities got involved.

Paige currently serves as the on-air general manager for WWE’s “SmackDown” brand after announcing her in-ring retirement earlier this year.

Thumbnail photo via YouTube screengrab