Perhaps Mother Nature never intended for the Boston College Eagles to soar or the Boise State Broncos to buck on Boxing Day.

TheĀ First Responder Bowl was cancelled Wednesday following a lengthy delay due to severe weather conditions in the Dallas, Texas, area. BC was winning 7-0 with just over five minutes remaining in the first quarter when officials ordered the teams off the field due to lighting strikes within 10 miles of Cotton Bowl Stadium — the 88-year-old facility which mostly features aluminum-bleacher seating — where the game was being played.

Referees delayed the game for more than 80 minutes before they and officials from both teams decided to cancel it, with forecasts predicting thunderstorms for at least the rest of the afternoon.

The teams now must contemplate what a strange way this was to end their respective seasons.

Thumbnail photo via Tim Heitman/USA TODAY Sports Images