Rob Parker Goes Off On ‘Cheating’ Patriots In Latest Pathetic Rant


Rob Parker just won’t stop.

The infamous New England Patriots hater was it again Tuesday during his “Odd Couple” podcast with fellow FS1 talking head Chris Broussard. Parker, still unwilling to give the Patriots credit for reaching yet another Super Bowl, had a lot to say in response to the shot New England fired at him on Twitter.

Parker unsurprisingly resorted to all of the typical “cheating” rhetoric that he and similar Patriots haters love to use when the team does well. In Parker’s mind, the fact the Patriots even acknowledged him proves they know they’ll never be given full credit for their incredible accomplishments.

“They do understand that despite all they’ve accomplished … they haven’t earned the respect from everybody because of all the other stuff that’s been going on in their organization,” Parker said. “If you have a quarterback that’s won five Super Bowls, why is there even a debate? It tells you about what they’ve done, how they’ve gone about their business, why a lot of other people in NFL America can’t fully embrace what’s going on.

“(Patriots coach Bill) Belichick got caught. Belichick got fined the highest amount for any coach in the history of the NFL. They lost draft picks. Tom Brady was suspended for four games for not cooperating on the NFL’s investigation of Deflategate. … Josh McDaniels went to Denver, he got fired — why? He was spying on another team’s walkthrough in London.”

Added Parker: “So people see all that, and people also know that the Patriots have taken advantage of being in the best situation in the NFL, which is playing the AFC ‘Least,’ where no other team can put up a fight. So when you pack all that together, there are people who, despite the winning, despite the championships and everything else, still look at the Patriots and not embrace them. It’s hard to embrace a prickly pine of deceit and deception.”

You can listen to Parker’s rant in the video below:

There’s a lot to unpack there, but Parker’s stupidity honestly speaks for itself.

Have the Patriots earned some of the hatred and criticism? Probably. But at this point, their sustained excellence is overwhelming proof that there’s one reason, and one reason alone, they keep winning: They’re better than everyone else.

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