Kansas City Chiefs fans understandably were upset after watching the New England Patriots beat their team Sunday night.

The Patriots pulled off a thrilling overtime win to advance to Super Bowl LIII, denying the Chiefs their first visit to the Big Game since the 1969 season. And thanks to a few ever-entertaining fan reaction videos, we now know just how demoralized Chiefs diehards were after Sunday’s memorable game at Arrowhead Stadium.

Warning: Some of these clips contain angry fans calling the Patriots “cheaters.” So, if that kind of thing ticks you off, you might want to take a couple deep breaths.

First, take a look at this Kansas City Star video, which contains some of the more mild reactions:

Now, click here and click here to see longer videos containing a wide range of reactions, from elated Patriots fans to dismayed Chiefs supporters.

Admittedly, these reactions aren’t nearly as passionate as what we saw from Seattle Seahawks fans and Atlanta Falcons fans after the Patriots beat their teams in the Super Bowl. Still, for Patriots diehards, there’s nothing quite like watching opposing fans have their hearts ripped out.

We can only hope Super Bowl LIII between the Patriots and Los Angeles Rams is close enough to produce similar emotional responses.

Thumbnail photo via Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports Images