Well, look who’s still here.

Yup, it’s Tom Brady.

The 41-year-old quarterback faced a ton of questions this season, with many speculating this could be his last go around and that the end of his historic tandem with Bill Belichick was near.

Brady debunked all of those theories, most recently putting to bed rumors that he would retire if the New England Patriots topped the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII and sail into the sunset with a sixth ring in hand. Well bad news for Brady haters: he’s planning to stick around for a few more years.

It was, however, a trying campaign for the quarterback, who looked disheveled at points in the regular season. But Brady has come on strong in the playoffs. We know … shocker, right?

We’re not the only ones noticing a pep in Brady’s step, though. Even his father, Tom Brady Sr. says his son seems rejuvenated.

“I think he’s very happy where he’s at. And I think it shows,” Tom Sr. told the Boston Herald’s Karen Guregian. “I’ve never seen him more delighted than he was than at the end of postgame last week.”

Brady Sr. believes part of the reason for Brady’s extra life in the postseason is due to the extra rest he got by skipping OTAs in the summer.

“I just think right now he’s very, very content in his life of football,” said Tom Sr. “He was able to spend that time in the offseason, which was very special. You need that. You need a little more rejuvenation than what you need when you’re younger.”

How the tables have turned. Two months ago, many proclaimed Brady skipping OTAs was a sign of the Patriots inevitable downfall. Now, perhaps it is in part the reason for their success.

As Brady preps for his ninth Super Bowl appearance, we think all of Patriots Nation will agree with this notion: it doesn’t matter where, or when, you start, it matters where you finish.

Thumbnail photo via Adam Hagy/USA TODAY Sports Images