Nick Wright Casts Doubt On Celtics’ Chances Of Reaching NBA Finals


Nick Wright and Colin Cowherd couldn’t be on more opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to the Boston Celtics.

Cowherd still has the utmost confidence in the Celtics despite their ongoing struggles on the campaign. “The Herd” host believes Boston’s talent will prevail come playoff time and that it’s a bit foolish to get wrapped up in what’s transpired over the course of the regular season.

Wright, however, doesn’t see it that way.

The “First Things First” co-host wasn’t overly high on the Celtics before the season even started and Boston, of course, has yet to do anything to change his mind. As such, Wright is a bit confused as to why his fellow FOX Sports 1 talking head still views the C’s as a clear-cut NBA Finals contender.

While it would be excessive to completely write off the Celtics’ chances of playing in June, it’s tough to blame Wright for feeling the way he does. As he notes, Boston has struggled on the road in the postseason throughout the Brad Stevens era, and the club hasn’t featured consistent cohesion at any point this season. Teams often flip a switch once the playoffs come around, but it will be far from a cakewalk for the Celtics to get through the recharged Eastern Conference.

And on the topic of doubting Boston, Wright also believes Danny Ainge and Co. won’t be able to outbid the Los Angeles Lakers when the Anthony Davis sweepstakes heat back up this summer.

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