It’s been a weird few days for an especially weird Bash Brother.

Jose Canseco’s bizarre week began Sunday night when, in a highly entertaining Twitter rant, he accused Alex Rodriguez of cheating on Jennifer Lopez. He also challenged the fellow ex-Major League Baseball slugger to an MMA fight and offered to take a polygraph test. In the middle of it all, Canseco gave a shoutout to a 7-year-old for wearing his number, or something.

(Did we mention he’s dressed like Obi Wan Kenobi in his Twitter profile photo?)

Anyway, Canseco continued his run of Twitter dominance Wednesday morning when he shared a video of himself blasting a “500-foot bomb” in a softball tournament last weekend.

Take a look:

Wicked gone, dude.

Still feeling feisty, Canseco challenged his similarly aged peers (juiced or not, doesn’t matter) to outdistance him in a softball home run derby. He also believes he can take anyone on the driving range.

Hey, with those pythons, would you bet against Parkway Joe?

Didn’t think so.

Thumbnail photo via Joshua Dahl/USA TODAY Sports Images