Klay Thompson is a vital part of the Golden State Warriors’ dynastic run to five consecutive NBA Finals, but the sharp shooter still is struggling to gain the respect he feels he deserves.

Thompson was speaking with reporters in Oakland on Thursday when he found out he didn’t make any of the three All-NBA teams. He wasn’t thrilled, to put it politely.

“I mean that’s cool and all … I respect those guys, but when you go to five straight Finals, it takes more than a couple All-NBA guys It’s like an all-time team,” Thompson told reporters.  Whatever. I’d rather win a championship than win third-team All-NBA, so it’s all good. … Do I think there’s that many guards better than me in the league? No.”

Check out Thompson’s full reaction here, via Anthony Slater of The Athletic.

Failing to make an All-NBA team will cost Thompson roughly $31 million when he signs his next contract. Under the new CBA agreement, he does not qualify for the super max extension, meaning he only can take up 30 percent of the salary cap. Kemba Walker, on the other hand, now is eligible for the super max, thanks to making the All-NBA Third Team.

*Insert Thompson’s eye-roll*

Thompson averaged 21.5 points on 46.7 percent shooting in 78 games this season.

Call us crazy, but the media deciding who gets super-max deals and who doesn’t seems like a pretty poor system. Thompson’s frustration is well-taken.

Thumbnail photo via Thomas B. Shea/USA TODAY Sports Images