The Nike-Kawhi Leonard logo feud continued Thursday, with the multinational corporation delivering the next jab.

Nike has filed a countersuit against Leonard for copyright infringement, claiming they created the final design for what’s been deemed the “Claw Design” and denied using Leonard’s original design.

“What is false is that the design he provided was the Claw Design,” the countersuit states, according to the San Antonio Express-News’ Patrick Danner. “Not once in his complaint does Leonard display or attach either the design that he provided or the Claw Design.”

Leonard originally filed a federal lawsuit against Nike back in June. He claims he created the design while in college and sent it to the Jordan Brand, a Nike subsidiary, to be refined back in 2014 after being named NBA Finals MVP.

When the design originally was released, Leonard claimed he was behind the logo, but gave Jordan Brand “all the credit” for helping refine the logo’s design, according to’s George Kiel. Leonard and Jordan Brand parted ways in 2018 and has been blocked from using the logo on any of his merchandise. Since then, the relationship between Leonard and Nike has been strained.

Here’s what Nike claims Leonard submitted as his design for the logo alongside the final product:

We’ll let you judge this one for yourself.

Thumbnail photo via Ezra Shaw/pool photo via USA TODAY Sports Images