Alex Rodriguez is one of the greatest baseball players to ever live, but his color analysis leaves a lot to be desired. Just wait until you get a load of his thoughts on why leading by an even number is better than leading by an odd number.


“You always want even leads versus odd leads,” Rodriguez said during the “Sunday Night Baseball” broadcast. “Why? The solo home run doesn’t tie it, and the grand slam does not beat you.”

Insert the eye-blinking-guy GIF here.

Now, we think we get what Rodriguez is saying about a one-run lead being less than comfortable. And you’ll feel a lot more confident with a four-run lead, since the threat of a grand slam can, at best, only tie the game.

But is Rodriguez unaware of all the other, literally infinite score possibilities?

A three-run lead is odd, but we all should be able to agree it’s preferable to a two-run lead. And a five-run lead, though odd, is even better than an even four-run lead, because then a grand slam can’t even tie it, right?

Hey, far be it from us to question a guy who had a Baseball Hall of Fame-caliber career, and give credit to Rodriguez for putting our brains in an absolute pretzel.

Thumbnail photo via Mike Carter/USA TODAY Sports Images