Why Colin Cowherd Believes Browns Should Consider Odell Beckham Jr. Trade


A handful of star wide receivers have been floated in trade rumors in recent weeks.

Stefon Diggs and Emmanuel Sanders don’t seem overly thrilled with what’s going on in Minnesota and Denver, respectively, while the Patriots reportedly are interested in making a move for A.J. Green. But Colin Cowherd on Tuesday floated the name of another top-flight wideout, one who was involved in a blockbuster deal less than seven months ago.

Cowherd doesn’t see the Odell Beckham Jr. experiment in Cleveland working out, and “The Herd” host believes the Browns could solve more than one of their problems by shipping away the three-time Pro Bowl selection.

“…I would strongly consider trading OBJ and there are three reasons for this,” Cowherd said on FOX Sports 1. “No. 1, Cleveland is struggling with their identity. You’re asking a rookie head coach to figure out Jarvis Landry, (Antonio) Callaway, Baker (Mayfield), (Nick) Chubb, a below-average offensive line and OBJ. They’re coming up with gadget plays, they’re trying so hard to take a gifted, brilliant and sensitive wide receiver and wedge him, sometimes often too much, into the gameplan. No. 2 is Kareem Hunt, a great running back, arrives in Cleveland by Nov. 10. You’re gonna have another mouth to feed? Chubb, Hunt, Landry, OBJ, Callaway. You got another mouth to feed Nov. 10? No. 3, Cleveland’s offensive line is completely overwhelmed against elite pass rushes. So let me ask you, use Andrew Luck as an example and Deshaun Watson. Everybody ripped Houston when they made that big trade and got Laremy Tunsil. You notice Houston last week? No sacks, five touchdown passes. They moved off those coveted first-round picks, they solved the left tackle position. Deshaun Watson, not sure if you noticed last week, looked like the MVP. It is time to consider moving OBJ. It’s not a hot take. It’s the action Cleveland should take.”

Cleveland hasn’t blown anyone away offensively through five weeks, but as Cowherd notes, it hasn’t been for a lack of above-average weapons. As evidenced by Super Bowl-winning teams in the past, including a few New England Patriots squads, the right blend of players often can be more important than an overwhelming level of talent. And as far as fit is concerned, Cowherd believes Beckham doesn’t figure into the Browns’ “Foundational Four,” which consists of Chubb, Mayfield, Landry and Myles Garrett.

It’s tough to imagine Cleveland actually giving up on Beckham any time soon, and there’s still plenty of time this season to figure things out. But if the Browns drastically fail to meet expectations and don’t come close to sniffing the 2019 playoffs, an offseason move might be something worth looking into.

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