Don Cherry Doubles Down On Comments Regarding Toronto Immigrants

Don Cherry was fired from Sportsnet on Monday after his divisive comments regarding Toronto immigrants not wearing poppies in honor of Canada’s Remembrance Day.

And now the 85-year-old is thinking about what he said.

Cherry appeared on camera for the first time since being let go, and admitted he “said the wrong thing” Saturday night.

“On Saturday I would have apologized if I hurt people and stuff like that, I think I would have,” Cherry said, per CTFR 680 News. “I meant ‘everybody,’ but I said the wrong thing … if that’s the way people want to take it, there’s nothing I can do about it. What I said was ‘you people.’ It could have been Irish, English, Scotch but it didn’t make any difference.

“My ancestors came from Ireland and Scotland,” he added. “So everybody is an immigrant here, except First Nations … but it doesn’t make any difference … that’s the way it is. And I’m not apologizing, that’s the way it is.”

He doubled down Tuesday night, telling FOX News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that “I stand by what I said, and I still mean it.”

Cherry spent 38 years with Sportsnet and had come under fire previously for his outspoken views.

Thumbnail photo via Don Cherry being interviewed by NESN's Andy Brickley in February of 2018. Photo by NESN.