Nick Wright Believes These Two Teams Are Better Fits For Tom Brady Than Patriots

Nick Wright understands it’s tough to imagine Tom Brady playing for another team.

That said, the “First Things First” co-host seems to believe Brady leaving his comfort zone would be in the best interest of the future Hall of Famer.

The Patriots are the only team Brady has ever known over the course of his 20-year NFL career, but that could change this offseason when Brady becomes a free agent. It certainly wouldn’t be easy for Brady to relocate at this point in his life and NFL tenure, but if you look at his impending decision purely from a football standpoint, Wright doesn’t think New England presents the best situation for success.

“If Tom Brady was not already a Patriot, if he were a pending free agent, would we look at the Patriots as the best fit?” Wright said Wednesday on FOX Sports 1. “If the Patriots had the year they had this year with Philip Rivers or someone who’s just retired at quarterback and Brady was available, would you look at that team and say that’s where he should go? On the positive side of the ledger, greatest coach ever, really good defense. On the negative side of the ledger, questionable offensive line, not a ton of weapons, maybe not enough help as I’ve been told. That would not be the ideal place — really cold climate as well — for a 43-year-old quarterback. The reason people are, of course, tying Tom Brady to the Patriots is because he’s always been tied to the Patriots. If you’d never seen him play and you looked at the openings, to me, the Chargers and sneakily all of a sudden — even though I don’t know if his wife would sign off on it — the Titans present better options. Both of those teams have a better No. 1 receiver than the New England Patriots do. … If Brady is still an above-average NFL quarterback, those two places give him a better chance to prove that, to show that than the New England Patriots.”

Robert Kraft probably is hoping Brady isn’t of the same mindset as Wright. The Patriots owner has been open about his desire to see the six-time Super Bowl champion continue his career in Foxboro, and he revealed Tuesday the franchise plans to keep Brady in the fold.

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