Rex Ryan took another shot, and now he’s heard back.

The ex-NFL coach and current ESPN personality threw some shade at his former New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith on Wednesday. It came on ESPN’s “First Take” when Ryan expressed who he thought was responsible for the New England Patriots’ success — Bill Belichick or Tom Brady.

“Bill Belichick is the greatest of all time,” Ryan said. “Let’s give him Geno Smith, whoever, see how many Super Bowls he would’ve won.”

Smith took it as an unprovoked shot at him. And he responded on Twitter not long after.

“My momma never liked dude he been a snake… and y’all glorify it,” Smith tweeted. “… Should’ve got fired after (year one).. truth is we won 8 games (in 2013) after ESPN had us winning two and he got his job back… somehow I’m caught up in a feud and I’m the scapegoat. … Same guy that drafted me.”

Of course, the comment from Ryan comes only a week after the former coach took a personal shot at Dallas Cowboys receiver Amari Cooper, who he called a “turd.”

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