Tom Brady won’t start working FOX NFL broadcasts until next year, but might the retired quarterback be angling for a tuneup with another major network?

On Monday, Peyton Manning teased auditions for a third host for the ‘ManningCast’, which is ESPN’s alternate ‘Monday Night Football” broadcast. Manning previously hosted the program with his brother, Eli Manning, along with a rotating group of special guests.

Well, ESPN on Tuesday shared a ‘ManningCast’ promotional video featuring comedic reenactments of the supposed auditions. Jared Goff, Lil Wayne and Reese Witherspoon all make appearances – – among many others.

But it’s Brady who delivers the most noteworthy cameo, jokingly acting as if the Mannings rejected him.

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“Nope, I didn’t get the ‘ManningCast’ job,” Brady tells someone during a fake phone call. “I guess I’ll just come back and play football again.”

It’s hard to know if we should glean anything from this.

On one hand, Brady’s appearance could be nothing more than a fun cameo. On the other hand, the video could be a hint toward an eventual reveal of Brady as the third ‘ManningCast’ host.

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But that’s pure speculation. And we don’t know even know if the ‘ManningCast’, which Brady appeared on in 2021, really will welcome a third host.

If nothing else, Brady feels like a no-brainer to appear during the show’s Week 15 broadcast, which will feature the New England Patriots’ home game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Unless, of course, Brady’s deal with FOX precludes him from working for competing networks.

In any event, New England fans won’t have to wait much longer to get their Brady fill. The Patriots will honor the 46-year-old during halftime of Sunday’s home game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Featured image via Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports Images