Women are often the inspiration and mentors for others trying to find their place in the male-dominated field of sports media.

NESN’s Rose Mirakian is just one of the many women in New England who has helped pave the way for others, and she was recognized at the annual Women In Sports and Events (WISE) Awards when she received the Women of Inspiration Award at The Auerbach Center on Monday night.

The Women of Inspiration Award honors a female executive who has spent ten or more years exemplifying the spirit of the WISE mission.

As the coordinating director of Boston Bruins hockey, Mirakian embodies the WISE mission by empowering women in the business of sports with the tools to reach their goals by making a positive impact as a role model and mentor for others.

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Cosmina Schulman / NESN
Photo courtesy of Cosmina Schulman

Several other women in the NESN family were nominated for awards, too. Yasmine Kanaan (director of strategy and business development), Marisa Dianas (digital content supervisor) and Kaila Tzianabos (Dining Playbook sales and marketing manager) were all nominees for the Rising Star Award handed out to a rising female in the industry who has spent ten or fewer years exemplifying the spirit of the WISE mission.

Amy Johnson (coordinating producer of Red Sox baseball) was nominated for the Community Engagement Award given to a female who is dedicated to impacting her community in a positive way.

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More than a few women at NESN are members of WISE, including Holly Burgess (director of traffic and strategic DEIB sponsorships) and Cosmina Schulman (senior vice president of strategic partnership).