Indy Star columnist Gregg Doyel apologized for a very awkward and creepy interaction with new Indiana Fever star Caitlin Clark at her introductory press conference on Wednesday.

Instead of asking Clark a question, Doyel first linked his hands together to form the trademark heart the newest WNBA star made during her collegiate career.

As awkward silence fell in the room, Clark quietly asked Doyel, “You like that?”

Doyel failed to understand the magnitude of his actions and simply stated, ” I like that you’re here. I like that you’re here.”

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Clark explained that the gesture is for her family after every game. One would think Doyel would have recognized he should have quit while he was, well, behind, but he continued down the same creepy path.

“Ok, well, start doing that to me, and we’ll get along just fine,” he said.

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The interaction between the male reporter and the female athlete was anything but endearing; it was downright creepy.

Doyel attempted to apologize on social media, calling the moment “clumsy and awkward.”

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“Today in my uniquely oafish way, while welcoming @CaitlinClark22 to Indy, I formed my hands into her signature (love heart),” Doyel wrote on X. “My comment afterward was clumsy and awkward. I sincerely apologize. Please know my heart (literally and figuratively) was well-intentioned. I will do better.”

Clumsy and awkward were definitely not the right adjectives to describe the interaction. Disrespectful and creepy seem to be better suited for Doyel’s unprofessionalism.

It would have been considered a bad pick-up attempt in a social setting on a Saturday night, but during a press conference, there is no other way to put it than disgusting.

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Imagine if a female journalist acted that way during a male athlete’s press conference. The dragging she would get would be warranted. Athletes do not owe members of the media friendship or courtship. Both are there to do a job and Doyel literally failed at his on Wednesday.

One can only hope that when he attempts to ask Clark questions throughout her tenure with the Fever he is much more professional and doesn’t put his proverbial foot in his mouth again.

Featured image via Mykal McEldowney/USA TODAY Sports Images