LOWELL, Mass. — PWHL Boston finished the regular season with a 4-3 win over PWHL Montreal on Saturday afternoon at Tsongas Center.

The score barely tells the story of the thrilling contest that punched Boston’s ticket to the postseason.

Boston could not have started better, leading 3-0 after two periods on goals from top players in Hilary Knight, Alina Müller and Megan Keller. Montreal flipped the script in a major way in the third period with three consecutive goals to tie the game. In a wild game with a playoff berth on the line based on a PWHL Minnesota loss earlier in the afternoon, Kaleigh Fratkin sent the crowd into a frenzy, scoring the game-winning goal for Boston with 80 seconds left. Boston held on for the win and a playoff berth.

“(We’re) pumped,” Megan Keller told reporters at Tsongas Center. “We came out right away and we were ready to play. Obviously, it was a rollercoaster. We were up three. We were down three. The way that our group stuck together is the type of team that we are. When we came back from break, that was really a sentiment there. Really proud of this group and excited for the playoffs.”

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Fans certainly created a playoff-like atmosphere and showing what postseason hockey could look like in the league’s first year.

“I think, thus far, that was the loudest crowd we’ve had,” Keller said. “It was awesome to be able to play in that atmosphere in front of our city.”

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Hilary Knight proud of how the team found a way to “elevate and evolve” throughout the season. Stars like Knight and others came to play on Saturday afternoon, setting the tone for the PWHL postseason.

“I love big games,” Knight said. “You train in the shadows away from big moments. You lay it all on the line when the puck drops. Hopefully, it goes your way. … The big moments are fun.”

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“Big players play in big games,” Boston head coach Courtney Kessel said. “It was a huge game. They all showed up. As a team, we showed up.”

Boston won its final two games of the season, making the necessary plays to extend the season and keep hopes high on what’s ahead in the coming weeks.

“I think the commitment has never wavered,” Knight added. “You’re starting to see us pull games out with seconds (remaining). Everybody believes.”

Boston prepares as the PWHL playoffs begin on May 8.

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