George St-Pierre Favored But Carlos Condit Not to Be Forgotten at UFC 154


November 8, 2012

Less than two weeks remain before MMA fans have themselves an undisputed welterweight champion, as the looming title fight set to pit interim holder Carlos Condit against the existing champion, injury-plagued Georges St-Pierre, unfolds on Nov. 17. Be sure to bet on the UFC clash — one of the best that 2012 has to offer — as soon as possible.

Heading into the bout, it?s St-Pierre that’s favored in the sportsbook. With the -360 advantage, naturally, it?s hard to imagine any surprises as he seeks to reclaim the spot that Condit has tentatively been keeping warm. When St-Pierre went down with a severe knee injury over a year ago, Condit was given the opportunity to win the interim title against Nick Diaz and hasn?t looked back.

Now that the younger, less experienced Condit has momentum of his own though, it?s not out of the question to expect that he get his fair share of opportunities against the recovering St-Pierre. Condit may take the octagon as the +270 underdog — and against a healthy St-Pierre perhaps that?s appropriate — but enough question marks remain to make this a close fight, at least in the eyes of critics and UFC oddsmakers.

The worst-case scenario for GSP is that he re-aggravates the injury that?s sidelined him since April 2011. So infrequently do athletes come along who remain at the same level of dominance they’ve become accustomed to after suffering a legitimate ACL injury, there’s no guarantee St-Pierre will be among them.

Still, injury concerns aside, word of out the St-Pierre camp is promising. A healthy, motivated and hungry welterweight champion is a tough nut to crack, and that?s the one that Condit will be bracing for. On top of that, St-Pierre will have the advantage of a raucous hometown crowd supporting him.

All things considered, there are enough variables in play to tilt the UFC odds in the one-time great St-Pierre?s favor, but don?t head into fight night thinking that this blockbuster bout is already decided.

Photo via Facebook/Carlos Condit

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