The Rays Idea To Play Home Games In Two Different Cities Nevermind Countries Is Ridiculous: Listen Up


Even with the NFL postseason in full swing, SportsGrid’s Donnie Seymour, who hosts Listen Up on The Early Line, continues to monitor what’s transpiring in the other major sports, including Major League Baseball. One story that caught his attention is MLB’s decision to strike down the ridiculous proposal by the Tampa Bay Rays to play half their home games in St. Petersburg and the other half in Montreal.

The Rays are generally known for being a brilliant organization. After all, they’ve been able to compete in arguably the best division in all of baseball despite having limited resources in terms of finances and a stadium that struggles to draw much of a crowd on a nightly basis. However, one must wonder if the Rays actually thought the proposal through?

With the United States and Canada already having different rules regarding dealing with the pandemic, there’s nothing that prevents the Canadian government from introducing more stringent regulations or even banning travel across the border altogether. Everyone knows that the Rays want a new ballpark. But that doesn’t necessarily guarantee fannies in the seats if you’re in the state of Florida. For example, the Miami Marlins built a new ballpark in Little Havana, but that hasn’t done much to attract fans to the stadium.

Seymour offered the following advice to the Rays’ organization. “Stay in Tampa Bay or move out! Don’t split cities. And if you build it, they won’t come!”

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