What Can the Heat Add to Tyler Herro to Get Damian Lillard?


Jul 19, 2023

NBA enthusiasts have been following the off-season closely, particularly the potential movement of Damian Lillard from the Portland Trail Blazers to the Miami Heat. However, there’s a glaring issue: Can the Heat offer a trade package enticing enough to secure the Trail Blazers’ star?

According to Neil Olshey, the Trail Blazers general manager, Lillard isn’t in a rush to move. Yet, the Heat’s trade package might not be alluring enough, primarily featuring Tyler Herro. As a young player with plenty of potential, Herro is a promising talent but cannot match Lillard’s All-Star caliber. If Lillard were to be traded, the Trail Blazers would expect more than Herro and a couple of future first-round draft picks, likely in the twenties.

The precedence is there; if the Utah Jazz could secure five first-round picks for Rudy Gobert, Portland would likely aim for a comparable deal for Lillard. The idea is to get at least four first-round choices in return. However, it seems improbable that Herro and other potential Heat assets could pull in that much return on the market.

There’s a further problem to consider. Adding Herro to a Blazers lineup featuring Anthony Simons and Shannon Sharpe might not work. So, the idea would be to reroute Herro to another team and flip him for another pick, potentially getting to the sought-after number of four draft picks.

But the timing is also crucial. If the Trail Blazers are aiming for first-round picks, they would want them several years down the line, in about five or six years. This would be when Jimmy Butler, the Heat’s current star player, is past his prime. Plus, it would be a time when Miami, after many successful years, might be on a downward trend.

It’s a complex situation, with the Heat looking to solidify their roster with a superstar like Lillard. At the same time, the Trail Blazers seek to get a considerable return for their franchise player. The puzzle isn’t straightforward, and only time will tell if Miami can indeed sweeten the deal enough to swing the trade.

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