Navigating the AL West: Rangers' Path Amid Trades and Injuries


Aug 1, 2023

The Texas Rangers are no strangers to making headlines during the trade window, and they’ve done it again, securing two noteworthy names, Max Scherzer and Jordan Montgomery. But it doesn’t stop there. Many fans might have overlooked their acquisition of Aroldis Chapman a month ago, and he’s been turning in fantastic performances since his arrival.

The Positives

Chapman’s addition has significantly boosted the Rangers, making the bullpen more formidable. The dynamic left-handed pitcher has repeatedly proven his worth, and his presence in Texas only strengthens the team’s pitching arsenal.

Adding Scherzer and Montgomery has also bolstered the Rangers’ rotation. Despite Scherzer’s 4.01 ERA not living up to his past performances and Montgomery not being a strikeout specialist, both pitchers add depth and experience to the team.

The Concerns

But it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for the Rangers. The team suffered a significant setback with the injury of Nathan Eovaldi. Given his history of two Tommy John surgeries, the right-handed pitcher’s forearm strain has led to a lot of unease. Forearm strains can be ominous for any pitcher, especially when they potentially signal issues with the elbow. At this point, it remains unclear how long Eovaldi’s recovery might take.

The American League West Scenarios

Eovaldi’s uncertain return schedule could potentially dictate the balance of power in the American League West. If he remains off the roster until mid or late September, and the Houston Astros manage to snag Justin Verlander, this could tilt the scales in the Astros’ favor.

The Astros have their own returning stars in Yordan Alvarez and Jose Altuve. If they add a strong starting pitcher to their lineup, they will pose a real challenge to the Rangers.

The Odds

in the AL West betting market, the Rangers currently lead at -110, but the Astros aren’t far behind at +100. The Rangers have made smart moves during the trade window, but the effect of Eovaldi’s injury, coupled with the potential moves by the Astros, might challenge their standing.

It will be a fascinating deadline and end to the season, with fans eagerly awaiting each game.

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