Anthony Richardson's Injury Means Return of Minshew Mania


Sep 22, 2023

Football is as much a game of strategy and talent as it is of sheer resilience. Run more, and the vulnerability to injuries is undoubtedly increased. This concept isn’t new but is becoming more and more relevant as the league witnesses the rise of running quarterbacks.

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Tua Tagovailoa knows this all too well. Once a player sustains an injury, the likelihood of another heightens. It isn’t necessarily that some players are “injury-prone,” but specific playstyles, especially for quarterbacks who often opt to run, make them more prone to injury.

Anthony Richardson is larger than fellow rookie Bryce Young but smaller than defenders squaring up against him. No player is invincible, and Richardson’s recent concussion is a prime example. The concerning fact wasn’t just the injury but the prolonged onset of symptoms. These post-concussion symptoms persisted well beyond the immediate aftermath of the touchdown. As of early this week, it was already apparent Richardson would sit out.

So, what does this mean for the team? Enter Gardner Minshew and the ensuing “Minshew Mania.” Minshew will lead the charge, at least for this week and potentially another. However, every fan and teammate hopes for Richardson’s swift and complete recovery.

It remains to be seen how this shift will play out on the field, but one thing is certain: the unpredictability and risks associated with the NFL make it so electrifying. Every play and every decision has consequences, and understanding the balance between risk and reward is vital for every team’s success.

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Thumbnail photo via Jenna Watson/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

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