Bengals vs. Titans: Can Tennessee Capitalize on a Limited Joe Burrow?


Sep 29, 2023

After a full week of practice, Joe Burrow is back in action for the Cincinnati Bengals against the Tennessee Titans. However, the vibes from Monday night suggest Burrow might not be at his NFL best. The Bengals, favored on the spread by -2.5 and a game total flat of 41, face significant challenges, particularly when many believe that Burrow is currently a shadow of his former self.

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Even with his presence, it’s becoming increasingly evident that the Bengals’ offense is struggling. Observers argue that the root cause is the noticeable change in Burrow’s gameplay. He seems to have lost his mobility, relying heavily on pocket throws. This limitation potentially makes him more predictable to opposing defenses.

Regardless of his limitations, expect a day filled with passes for Burrow, primarily because running against the Tennessee Titans defense seems improbable. The odds reflect this notion as Burrow’s over attempts stand at 36.5. For those tracking the betting landscape, this number appears enticing.

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However, the key takeaway here is the match-up against the Tennessee Titans. There’s a growing sentiment that the Titans are in a prime position to capitalize on the Bengals’ current vulnerabilities. With Burrow restricted to the pocket, the Titans’ defense can strategize to stifle him and potentially force errors.

While Burrow brings some optimism for Bengals fans, the reality suggests challenges ahead. The game promises to be one where strategy and adaptability will be paramount. With their current form and the Bengals’ apparent struggles, the Titans look poised to clinch this game with authority.

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