Phillies Set to Face the Marlins in NL East Wild-Card Series


Oct 3, 2023

The reigning National League Pennant winners are back in action in a captivating matchup for baseball enthusiasts. The Philadelphia Phillies are set to face the Miami Marlins in a crucial Wild-Card series beginning tonight in Philadelphia.

Taking the mound for the Phils is Zack Wheeler, while Jesus Luzardo will be starting for the Marlins. As we dive deep into this series, it’s intriguing to note that Miami has had a slight advantage over Philadelphia this season. The Marlins won seven out of their 13 games against the Phillies, even taking two of three in a recent September series.

That performance was crucial for the Marlins. Amidst a challenging phase in their schedule, they managed to keep their ship steady, entering the postseason for the first time since the truncated 2020 season due to COVID-19. However, the momentum currently seems to favor the Phillies.

How do these divisional adversaries stack up for the postseason? The Phillies, undoubtedly superior, have the home advantage at Citizens Bank Park, an iconic venue for playoff baseball.

However, it’s worth noting a counter-opinion. Some believe that the Phillies would have a better shot against the Arizona Diamondbacks in a short series.

Still, this doesn’t discount the Marlins’ prowess. Every team that has made it to the playoffs possesses a commendable rotation and a dependable bullpen – a testament to their grit through a grueling 162-game schedule.

However, if we’re comparing strengths, the Phillies emerge as the better team – not just for tonight but for the entirety of this series. This doesn’t necessarily guarantee a straightforward victory, given the unpredictable nature of a short series, where a game or two can completely change the narrative.

Historically speaking, the Marlins have had a perplexing dominance over the Phillies, particularly in their home grounds in Florida. Yet, this series won’t see the teams heading to Florida. All potential three games will be hosted by Philadelphia, presenting a monumental advantage. Typically, in any home series, the home team aims to clinch at least two out of the three games. That remains the expectation for the Phillies, and while the series might stretch to its full length, the Phillies are poised to emerge as the dominant force.

All in all, baseball fans are in for a treat as these divisional foes clash in what promises to be an electrifying series. The question remains: Will the Phillies capitalize on their home advantage, or will the Marlins continue their surprising dominance? Only time will tell.

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