Moving Trucks Spotted Outside LeBron James’ Miami Home (Photos)


LeBron James couldn’t have picked a worse week to have some moving trucks show up outside of his Miami home.

With free agency rumors swirling aggressively about James’ potential return to Cleveland, some optimistic Cavaliers fans presumably started salivating when ESPN’s Jorge Sedano tweeted a picture of exotic car transportation trucks outside of the superstar’s house.

A fellow Twitter user also captured a shot of the trucks.

To add even more drama to something that probably means nothing, though, the trucks were spotted on the same day that James was scheduled to meet with Miami Heat president Pat Riley in Las Vegas.

Wouldn’t it be something if the former MVP was already moving his belongings back to Cleveland? Well, it would be, but that’s unfortunately not the case. Bleacher Reports’ Ethan Skolnick reported that this is simply something James does every year. 

Isn’t NBA free agency fun?

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