Brick Wall In Baylor’s New Stadium Is Actually Just A Big Tarp (Photos)


Baylor University unveiled its brand-new football stadium this weekend, and we’re not gonna lie, it’s pretty sweet.

The 45,150-seat McLane Stadium is situated right next to the Brazos River in Waco, Texas, and cost roughly $266 million to build.

Not included in that budget, apparently, were actual bricks for the walls on the sidelines.

Yet the powers that be apparently wanted a “bricky” feel for the team’s season opener against SMU on Sunday, so they decided to just slap a big old tarp that looked like a row of bricks over the walls.

Pretty clever, right?

Robert Griffin III certainly didn’t seem to mind. The former Bears star was in town for the unveiling of his very own 9-foot-6-inch statue, and he took a trip down to the sidelines to take an epic selfie with the Baylor student section in front of the impostor bricks.

Undaunted by their stadium’s bold act of deception, Baylor rolled to a 45-0 victory.

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