Martellus Bennett Spouts Wisdom, Humor After Patriots Truck Texans


FOXBORO, Mass. — Per usual, New England Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett was a quote machine Thursday night following his team’s 27-0 demolition of the Houston Texans.

A few of his better lines:

On the Patriots’ big win: “It was fun. I had a lot of fun tonight. I’m kind of like the leader of fun of the team. You know, there are a bunch of dudes that do different stuff on the team, I’m like the leader of fun. So my job is to make sure we’re having a good time and keeping the energy up.”

On getting the ball on an end-around — the first rushing attempt of his career: “That was sweet, huh? I get the ball a lot of different ways. It’s pretty fun. I’ve had other coaches put (that play call) in, but no one ever dials it up. I tried to set up the block like the running backs do and ducked in, and some guy just dove out of nowhere. I’m like, ‘Man, where the hell did he come from?’ ”

On tight end Rob Gronkowski returning to the Patriots’ lineup: “It’s very fun. Me and Gronk have a great relationship. We have a lot of fun together off the field and on the field, so it was good to have my partner in crime out there today.”

On Jacoby Brissett’s touchdown run: “(Wide receiver) Malcolm Mitchell had a great block, and Jacoby was able to do the rest. But Malcolm’s block, a lot of people probably didn’t see it, but he did a hell of a job making that block over there. So I’m very proud of Malcolm, as well.”

On the Patriots’ ever-changing game plans: “The coaches here are very intelligent, and we have an intelligent team that’s able to do a lot of different things each week. Each week, the game plan’s different. Our roles are different. Like last week, (I) caught a lot of balls. This week, it’s a lot of blocking. First week, it’s a lot of blocking. Every week is different. We just try to attack the best way we can.”

On how he plans to spend his weekend off: “I get to watch my brother (Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett) play. I never really get to watch him play. Other than that, just hang out with the family and enjoy some time at home. Probably draw a little bit, write a little bit. Got a bunch of projects I have to catch up on for the Imagination Agency. So I’ll just spend this weekend drawing and coloring and relaxing.

Any specific projects? “I designed a new logo for Gronk, and I’m doing a new box design for Kane’s Donuts, as well.”

On the Patriots’ 3-0 start: “When you look in the rear-view mirror, you’re more likely to crash. So I just keep my eyes on the road and stay moving forward.”

On Brissett taking control in his first NFL start: “I saw him (Thursday), he was in a meeting (before the game), and all of a sudden he’s the starting quarterback and he sits with his legs crossed. I’m like, ‘All right, bro. It’s one week and now you’re crossing your leg in meetings, and sitting like a veteran quarterback.’ I was like, ‘Who are you?’

“I called him out on it. He’s like, ‘I always sit like this.’ I was like, ‘No you don’t, bro. Drinking coffee and sitting with your legs crossed. That’s what starting quarterbacks do.’ It’s more mature all of a sudden. It’s like, c’mon. (But) it worked.”

Thumbnail photo via Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports Images

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