Mayfield Rant One for the Ages


Jul 17, 2009

Mayfield Rant One for the Ages Without people like Jeremy Mayfield, would anyone
(outside of Nashville and other select parts of the South) know that
NASCAR still exists? Because lately, we haven’t been hearing about
sponsors or speedways or even tire-changing fiascos. We’ve just been
hearing about Mayfield, who has essentially put NASCAR back on the map
— albeit for all the wrong reasons. Whatever the case, people seem to
be buzzing about a sport that usually serves as the redheaded stepchild
of the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB.

Speaking of stepchildren …

Mayfield has had a rough couple of months. He tested positive for
meth, denied it, got suspended from NASCAR, got an injunction against
his suspension and then capped it all off by testing positive for meth

He’s obviously a pretty troubled guy. But if you know anything about
his alleged habit, never admit it. His stepmother learned the hard way.

Mayfield’s Sean Avery-esque rant on Thursday makes
him the first-ever non-New Englander to be featured as a headliner on
Word Around Here. (If only there were an ESPY for that …)

“She’s basically a w—-. She shot and killed my dad. She knows what
we’ve got on her … . She’s a gold digger. I knew that from day one.”
– Maligned NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield, to, on stepmother Lisa Mayfield, who submitted a deposition saying she saw Mayfield take drugs on more than one occasion

“I am pleased to end the speculation on perhaps what has been the
worst-kept secret there is, and in 2010, a unique and iconic event
which certainly deserves a unique and iconic venue will be played here
at Fenway Park.”
– NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, on NESN, on the Boston Bruins’ New Year’s Day Winter Classic matchup against Philadelphia

“That’s when I really let them know, in my eyes, I was the best to ever play the game.”
– Former Packers wide receiver Andre Rison, to the Altoona Mirror, on what he tells his campers after they watch a highlight reel of his NFL career

“She was an evil person. She has no soul. Someone who’s capable of doing this — I hope she rots in hell.”
Arturo Gatti’s manager Pat Lynch, to the New York Daily News, on Amanda Rodrigues, Gatti’s wife, who was accused of killing the former boxing champ

“Yeah, it’s pretty memorable. And the way I did it is cool. It means I’ve stuck around for a little while, anyway.’’
– Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett, to the Boston Globe, on earning his 100th career win the day before the All-Star break

“The stress of being [in Pawtucket] and all that stuff, I’ve said it
a couple of times that I’ve put a lot of that on myself for the season
I had last year. That’s how things go, but opportunities come up. And
I’m glad I was the guy they went to for it.”
– Pawtucket Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz, to the Pawtucket Times, on his impending call-up to Boston

“I thought I had it all the way. I thought it was a routine out. When it started to carry, I wasn’t too sure after that.”
– Tampa Bay outfielder Carl Crawford, to the Boston Herald, on his game-saving catch during the 2009 All-Star Game in St. Louis

“They say defense wins championships. It also wins All-Star Games.”
– Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon, to the Boston Herald, after Crawford’s catch helped seal the win for the AL in the All-Star Game

“I think Colin’s Colin — we do sometimes call him a bit of a drama
queen. But you’ve got to get around to it and stop hiding behind your
manager and come out and we’ll have a talk.”
– Golfer Sandy Lyle, to, on Colin Montgomerie, regarding a feud the two have had since Lyle accused Montgomerie of cheating during a tournament four years ago

“Ref in seattle just cheated the dynamo. What a joke. Not even close. Ref is a cheat.”
– Houston Dynamo (MLS) star Brian Ching, via Twitter, after a questionable call during a game against Seattle

“I’m not waiting around. We’re not Moneyballing it here.
We’re trying to get hits. They’re bringing in every best pitcher every
time you step in there. You’re seeing a lot of early swings because
[you] don’t want to stick around and see what else he’s got.”
– Red Sox outfielder Jason Bay, to the Boston Herald, on his approach during the All-Star Game

“I am deeply sorry and embarrassed for causing this distraction for
my teammates, the Phoenix Mercury, the WNBA, family and fans. While I
cannot say more with regards to the specifics of the case, I do want to
make sure that everyone knows how much I appreciate their support and
that I’ve learned a valuable lesson. I am committed to making sure a
lot of good comes from this experience.”
– WNBA star Diana Taurasi, to Yahoo Sports, upon being suspended two games for a DUI arrest

“I might surprise you, I might not. It’s going to be really fun to go find out.”
Pedro Martinez, to, after he signed a one-year deal with the Phillies; Martinez has won just eight games in the past two years

“I don’t doubt that Joe [Maddon] probably did a really good job of
communicating with everybody. And it’s especially hard in a National
League city because you have the pitcher coming up. I bet you that game
was going 100 miles an hour. And again, I thought he did a good job. As
a fan of Wakefield or the Red Sox, you’re always going to want to see
everything cater to our guys, and I’m probably in that boat too. But I
think as a representative of the American League, I thought they pulled
it off really well.”
– Red Sox manager Terry Francona, to WEEI, on All-Star manager Joe Maddon not pitching Josh Beckett or Tim Wakefield during Tuesday’s game

“I go up on the ball and shuffle my feet a little. I figured I had
plenty of time. Then I look up and all of a sudden it’s like, ‘Oh,
[expletive], I’ve got to let this thing go.’ When [Ellsbury] beat it
out, I’m like, ‘All right, note to self: This guy’s really, really
fast.’ I got to the plate for my next at-bat and I turn around to
[Jason Varitek] and said, ‘That kid’s pretty fast.’ He starts laughing:
‘You should have seen the look on your face after he crossed first
base.’ ”
– Texas Rangers infielder Michael Young, to the Boston Herald, after failing to get Jacoby Ellsbury out during his first big-league game in July 2007

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