Fenway Park Could Turn Badminton Into Masterpiece Theatre

by abournenesn

Oct 21, 2009

Fenway Park Could Turn Badminton Into Masterpiece Theatre Good thing the Red Sox’ ownership group decided to pull the plug on the movement to tear down Fenway Park.

Now, 4 Yawkey Way in Boston is one of the most valuable pieces of property in the world. Literally.

In the Monopoly Here And Now Edition, Fenway Park replaced Park Place (the second-most expensive spot on the board). For a cool $3.5 million, it can be yours in the famous boardgame. John Henry and Co. have no plans to sell the real Fenway anytime soon, and it would cost a lot more than $3.5 million.

That’s because the oldest park in the Show is no longer just a field of dreams for the Red Sox. The Bruins will call America’s most beloved ballpark home on Jan. 1 for the 2010 NHL Winter Classic. And the Fenway Sports Group is exploring the possibility of hosting an English Premier League soccer game at the stadium.

If the Patriots can play a football game at Wembley Stadium, why not have an English soccer team play a game at Fenway?

It’s about time the rest of the world got a taste of what Red Sox fans and New Englanders have been experiencing since 1912. From the old-world brick exterior to the historic interior, there’s no place like Fenway. It’s a special venue, and they don’t make ‘em like the crown jewel anymore.

New structures nowadays lean more toward cookie-cutter architecture — 10-story parking garages, 1-acre shopping malls and endless rows of tract housing. They have all the charm of a cement mixer. Look for a 21st century building designed with character and creativity, and it’s going to be a long, lonely day of searching.

But step through the Fenway Park gates, and it’s like taking a walk back in time to an era when men wore suits and hats to games and women wore their Sunday best. If you don’t feel a sense of nostalgia when you see the grass, check for a pulse.

Locals know all about the tradition. They helped save Fenway Park. The next step is sharing the spirit with some new fans.

Hold a tennis match on the hallowed grounds. Roger Federer and Andy Roddick could put on an epic competition.

Let a pair of Iron Chefs battle it out in the greatest kitchen/stadium ever built.

Have a battle of break-dancing crews at home plate.

See who could jump higher than the Green Monster on a trampoline.

Play poker, chess or cards under the stars.

Raise the status of croquet.

No pepper allowed, but everything else is fair game. And any activity at Fenway instantly becomes more meaningful because it’s taking place in a park where goosebumps come with admission like a free beach towel. Even breathing takes on added significance inside Fenway, which has the gift of turning anything into must-see theatre. Some might argue that’s not the case with a Red Sox-Orioles game in April, but try telling that to the 5-year-old kid making his first trip to the yard or the 95-year-old kid making his last.

It’s unforgettable. Just like a concert at Fenway is. Just like a hockey game at Fenway is going to be. And just like a soccer game at Fenway would be.

There’s no limit to what event Fenway could host. All it takes is a little imagination to envision the possibilities.

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