Mike Lowell Has ‘No Problem’ Returning to Red Sox


Mike Lowell Has 'No Problem' Returning to Red Sox Despite constant efforts to find a new home for Mike Lowell over the last 14 months, the veteran third baseman is completely fine with the prospect of returning to the Red Sox.

That is, as long as the team doesn't deal him between now and opening day.

Lowell was packed and ready to join the Rangers this offseason as he was going to be swapped for young catcher Max Ramirez. However, Rangers doctors determined Lowell's thumb to be a problem and called the deal off, sending Lowell back to Boston where he will undergo surgery and remain a member of the local nine.

As he returns to the Hub, does Lowell hold anything against the team?

“I don’t have a problem. Absolutely [not],” Lowell told WEEI.com's Rob Bradford when asked if he'd have any issues with returning to the Red Sox. “I think everything is getting lost with all the other pieces of who they want."

Last offseason, the Red Sox made a strong push to get then-free agent Mark Teixeira — an acquisition that would have likely moved Kevin Youkilis to third and Lowell out of town. Obviously, the Yankees swooped in and grabbed Teixeira and Lowell spent the summer in Boston where injuries plagued his 12th big league season.

"I think I’m going to do much better [in 2010] than last year," he predicted. "I feel like there were close to 20 games I felt I should have been in the last two months of the season, which would have given me about three more homers and would have put me at 20 (homers) and 90 (RBI), which is about what I am.”

But where's the third baseman going to get a shot at smacking those 20 homers and 90 RBIs?

“I have no idea," he said. "I have absolutely no idea. That’s not my department.”

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