Psychoanalysis of Baseball Fans Mocks Red Sox Followers as ‘Bipolar’

Red Sox fans have been called many, many names, but one blog has pegged the Nation's minions with a new title.

According to Five Tool Tool — a self-proclaimed "cheap, mean, unfair, tasteless and biased sports blogging" site — Red Sox fans fall under the category of "Bipolar Disorder."

Blogger DMtShooter writes:

"I don't know if you've hung out with bipolar people, Dear Reader, but it's an absolutely exhausting condition to endure as a spectator. The bipolar person is basically someone who is in a constant stage of LookitMe, with the highs being so high that they just want you to absorb all of their spare happiness, and the lows being so low that you should be hiding the sharp objects and locking the medicine cabinet. It's just a 24/7/365 festival of making sure that Person X isn't going to kill themselves out of fool stupidity."

Yankees fans weren't mentioned in any of the other 10 "disorders," which included "Anxiety" for New York Mets fans, "Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder" for the Chicago Cubs followers, "Social Phobia" for the Anaheim Angels fanbase, "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder" for Tampa Bay Rays fantatics and Alzheimer's for the Baltimore Orioles fanbase. 

The blog went on to describe that, "Sox Fan has the ever-diminishing weight of childhood trauma and the constant fear of the New Yankee Millennium to add to the condition, but honestly, even when this team didn't win championships, it was never boring or unwatchable. Which leads to the single biggest problem that non-sufferers have with bipolar people … the sense that it's not so much of a real condition as it is an overwhelming sense of narcissism, combined with an utter and complete lack of personal boundaries. Sympathy gets burned up quick."

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