Don Mattingly Slowly Claiming Heir to Joe Torre's Dodger-Blue Throne Dodgers hitting coach Don Mattingly has officially taken over for Joe Torre.

For now at least.

Torre is en route to Taiwan to manage the Dodgers’ three exhibition games and leaving the keys with Donny Baseball back in the States. Mattingly is also considered to be next in line to take over for Torre in 2012, as Torre is expected to retire following the 2011 season.

But with the former Yankee destined to take over in just a few short years, the Dodgers brass might be asking themselves some important questions, such as “What’s with Mattingly’s flavor saver?”

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Don Mattingly Slowly Claiming Heir to Joe Torre's Dodger-Blue Throne

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“I don’t even know the last time we lost to St. John’s. We’ve always had their number, and just, first round of the Big East tournament, the players at UConn, traditionally we go into that tournament with our heads held high looking to make some real noise. You know, our season was hanging in the balance. The last couple games were big, and it just seemed like we didn’t come to play. So yeah, I was disappointed.”
–UConn alum and Celtics guard Ray Allen’s reaction to UConn’s loss to St. John’s.

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It’s safe to say that there are thousands of Bruins fans who hope this reader is wrong about next Thursday’s game.

“Unfortunately the gutless, yellow bruins won’t do anything on the 18th or ever for that matter. The Bruins will say that the league warned them not to retaliate. That will be the excuse they sell when they show the world that they have no heart and are gutless. I’m ashamed to be a bruins fan because of this current team. They have no compete level, show no heart, are so easy to play against, don’t stick up for each other, don’t finish checks and let people run the goalie any time they feel like it. Everyone in the bruin’s organization from top to bottom should be embarrassed at the state of this franchise.”

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Off the corner of the backboard, off the head, nothing but net.

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