Report: Tim Tebow’s Prayer Request During Wonderlic Fell on Deaf Ears


The Wonderlic may be the most important test NFL hopefuls ever take. Tim Tebow won?t forget his exam at this year?s scouting combine.

According to, Tebow requested that his group (players take the test in groups) pray for a moment before the 12-minute, 50-question test. The response wasn?t so friendly.

“Shut the f— up,” said one player, according to the Web site, sparking laughter from others in the room.

Tebow is known for his religious views and expressing them publicly. He dons Bible passages on his eye black and starred in a Christian nonprofit group’s advertisement during the Super Bowl. Some people believe the former Gator may have trouble in an NFL locker room because of his overt beliefs. The words exchanged before the exam validated this fear.

“So, right, maybe not everybody shares Tebow’s passion when it comes to religion,” writes Ryan Wilson of “Whether it’s enough to alienate teammates or scare off organizations that might otherwise be interested remains to be seen. That said, it’s not like Tebow’s the first player to openly worship God.”

Maybe this will be the last of Tebow’s challenges. In the future, he may consider the player’s less-than-kind words at the Wonderlic and pray to the Big Guy on his own.

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