Will Ben Roethlisberger Be Traded by Start of NFL Draft? Pittsburgh Steelers fans are some of the best in sports. Ben Roethlisberger very quickly earned the adoration of them all. He's since earned their disgust.

In the wake of the salacious details of his encounter with a 20-year-old woman at a Georgia nightclub, Steelers fans seem eager to send Big Ben packing. Rumors have circulated that a team with a top-10 pick is interested in acquiring the quarterback, and Art Rooney hasn't denied them.

So, will Roethlisberger's name be stitched across the back of a different jersey soon? We may know by Thursday night.

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Will Ben Roethlisberger Be Traded by Start of NFL Draft?

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"I worship Satan!"
–Sign from a Bruins fan at the TD Garden, expressing support for Miroslav Satan. The former Buffalo Sabre ended up scoring the game-winning goal in double overtime to give the Bruins a 3-1 series lead over Buffalo.

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Sometimes a walk-off win can inspire even the manliest of sports fans to break into song. Unless this comment was actually written by Whitney Houston (very possible).

–Whitney Houston

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