Mike Cameron Working Himself Into Midseason Form in Rehab Assignments Sometimes, recovering from an injury is the easy part. Getting reacquainted with live pitching and game action can be the real challenge.

That's where Red Sox outfielder Mike Cameron finds himself these days as he works back from an abdominal strain that sent him to the disabled list in mid-April. So far, so good for Cameron, who went 2-for-6 with a double, walk, and a run scored in his first two rehab starts for Triple-A Pawtucket.

"I'm getting close," Cameron told The Providence Journal after Tuesday's game. "I'm not quite there. I'm able to run now and withstand the running, but still not quite where I need to be. A few more games and I think I'll be OK. … Most importantly, I feel like I'm starting to get into some sort of baseball rhythm."

While Cameron's health in terms of injury is on its way back to normalcy, he made sure to take care of his teammates mental health, buying stuffed lobster and chicken Marsala for the team, according to the ProJo.

As we learned earlier in the week, a full, happy stomach is sometimes as good a way as any to get a team to feel good.