Kevin Millar Can Provide Boost to Red Sox As NESN Analyst Now that Kevin Millar has joined NESN as a Red Sox analyst, he will return to the team that made him famous.

During Millar's tenure on the Red Sox from 2003-05, he brought much-needed levity to the squad and was hailed for his ability to connect with any player across any clique. As a cutup, he was responsible for the "Cowboy Up!" moniker during the 2003 season, as well as pioneering the Rally Karaoke Guy craze.

So far, the 2010 season for the Red Sox has been a bumpy ride, but perhaps Millar can help out since he's back with the squad. Here are some ideas:

  • Spike the Gatorade jug with Jack Daniels.
  • Come up with a new moniker for the club. Or perhaps resurrect the "Cowboy Up!" nickname and call it "Cowboy Up Redemption," tying in with Red Dead Redemption being the next hot video game.
  • Provide hitting tips to players. Tips consist mostly of "wiggle your bat."
  • Commiserate with Mike Lowell over how tough it is to come off the bench. Millar, famous for his "'El bencho' today" quote, can give Lowell some ideas on how to manage the situation.
  • Be the official Kentucky Fried Chicken supplier at the postgame meal spread.
  • Take over the James Posey role, hugging every starter before he goes out on the field for the first pitch.

Whatever Millar does, it will be nice to see his face around Fenway Park.