Ron Artest Gets Taken to School by Hipsters in Dodgeball


July 26, 2010

Ron Artest Gets Taken to School by Hipsters in DodgeballBeing 6-foot-7 may be an advantage when you’re guarding NBA small forwards, but it also makes you a giant bull’s-eye when you’re playing dodgeball.

Ron Artest found this out when he decided to play dodgeball with a bunch of Los Angeles hipsters this past weekend.

Artest seems to be really living it up in the wake of his championship run. He was greeted with adulation as he entered the dodgeball gym, but on this day, he got owned.

Wearing his “Average Joes” style uniform, Artest was among the first people eliminated, meaning he didn’t have a chance to thank his psychiatrist or wear his sweaty jersey for the next eight hours after the game.

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Ron Artest Gets Taken to School by Hipsters in Dodgeball

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“Certain individuals have chosen the wrong road. They have chosen that as their legacy. Others still have a chance to choose theirs. Don’t be lured to the dark side.”
Andre Dawson on P.E.D. use in the MLB

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Much of Red Sox Nation was angry after Sunday’s late-inning debacle in Seattle, but a few fans are keeping their heads up.

“Things are
beginning to get back to normal with the activation of Lowrie and
Hermida this week, although Francona has chosen not to use both of these
players each day. I’m not sure why that is, but I’m not going to
second-guess that decision at this point as they’re really just getting
warmed up. I think that getting Martinez back in Anaheim will be huge
for the Red Sox and will hopefully get the offense going again as he can
be a spark plug with his hitting prowess.”

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