Elin Nordegren Offers World Glimpse of Pain, Suffering by Finally Breaking Silence


Elin Nordegren Offers World Glimpse of Pain, Suffering by Finally Breaking Silence After nine months of silence, Elin Nordegren spoke out this week.

Yes, the divorce between she and Tiger Woods is now final. He first answered questions following that November SUV crash that resulted in a scandal back in February. Now, we?ve heard another side of the saga.

I, for one, don?t kid myself into believing we?ll ever really know what happened. Nor do I believe that anyone other than Woods and Nordegren deserve to know. Their marriage, their divorce and everything in between, is between them. Whatever semblance of privacy that exists in this world is something to be protected.

According to the interview with People Magazine, this was Elin?s first, and will be her last time answering questions. I hope that holds true — it's respectable.

Also respectable is the human face that Elin, as a mother and former wife, has put on a story that unfolded on television, in print, and online — for months. It was sordid, scandalous and downright ugly. I cannot imagine, nor would I choose to know, what living through that would have been like.

Nordegren maintains that she had no knowledge of Woods? affairs, saying, "I?m so embarrassed that I never suspected — not a one."

And, citing it as a reason for sharing her story, she calls the notion of her acting violently toward her now ex-husband, "ridiculous." Nordegren also admits to losing her hair and having been "through hell."

Whether you choose to believe Nordegren, Woods, or neither of them, her admissions paint a picture that can only be described as human. It is emotional and nobody can fault you for the way you feel. Maybe, at a minimum, it gives some small glimpse of the emotional drama that so often became the punchline of jokes over these past months. Are you laughing? I?m not.

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