Report: Logan Mankins ‘Fully Prepared’ to Sit Out 2010 Season


Aug 24, 2010

Many athletes have a way of being prodigal with their seven figure salaries — just ask Antoine Walker.

Logan Mankins doesn't fit into that category, and even though he wants big money, he doesn't need it to get by this year, reports the Boston Herald.

According to sources close to Mankins, he has saved much of his $7 million in career earnings, and his home — a ranch — is financially self sufficient.

While sources say that he is in shape and football-ready, they also say that they don't expect to ever see him in a Patriots uniform again. Even if he was given the offer that he desires, they say, there is a good chance that he still wouldn't come back to New England.

Mankins desires to be compensated similarly to New Orleans Saints guard Jahri Evans, who has a long-term, $8.1 million per year deal. The Patriots' offer to Mankins included a salary of $6.5 million per season.

"All we want is fair market value, and that’s like comparing an apple to a watermelon," Mankins' agent Frank Bauer said.

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