Doc Rivers Unaffected by ‘Van Gundy’ Dress Code But Still Not in Favor of Rule


Unbeknownst to many, the NBA sent out a memo this summer to all 30 of its head coaches informing them of a new dress code. From this point forward, all coaches will be required to wear collared shirts as part of their game-day attire. The days of the turtleneck-and-sport-coat look on the sidelines are over, and we're entering a new era in coach fashion.

The word out of Orlando is that Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy is hurt — the former master of the turtleneck is clamoring at least to have the regulation named after him. The "Van Gundy Rule," he says.

The word out of Celtics camp in Rhode Island is that a fellow head coach feels his pain.

"I don't like that," C's coach Doc Rivers said of the new rule. "I really like Stan's style. I thought Stan really set the bar for the dress code. I think he should stay with that. I think it's nice."

Rivers has always been hesitant in the past to criticize the league's decisions, since no one likes being slapped with a $25,000 fine just for speaking his mind. But in the case of the new dress regulations, the coach was quick to explain whether he thought they were necessary.

"No," Rivers said flatly. "I don't think anybody's dressed poorly. I think the coaches tend to dress pretty well. But that's fine. If that's what they think, that we need to look more formal or something, then I'm fine with that."

As for whether Rivers himself was into the Van Gundyesque informal look, Rivers had a surprising answer.

"I actually tried it a couple of times," he said. "I even tried the collar with no tie, too. But I didn't like it."

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