Is John Cena Breaking Code of Sports Fans by Rooting for Boston Rivals?


Is John Cena Breaking Code of Sports Fans by Rooting for Boston Rivals? One of World Wrestling Entertainment's biggest stars John Cena is from West Newbury, Mass. Despite that fact, if Cena did see Tuesday night's Red Sox game, he did so with a smile on his face.

That's because, not only did the Red Sox get drubbed, 14-5, but it came at the hands of the Tampa Bay Rays. And even though Cena may hail from West Newbury, he's actually a Rays fan.

Of course, Cena now resides in Florida. But even so, with thousands of transplanted Sox fans all across the country, is living in Florida really an excuse for the "Dr. of Thuganomics?"

And it's not like Cena went to college in the Sunshine State or anything — in fact, he stayed in-state and went to Springfield College.

But even so, he claims that the Rays are the baseball team that have his heart.

Cena was interviewed in 2008 about his allegiance to the Rays which happened to be the same year that the Rays and Red Sox met up in the ALCS, a series the Rays ultimately won.

"I did an interview with — I was going to throw the first pitch out at Fenway Park — and their first question was about my allegiance to the Red Sox," Cena explained to The St. Petersburg Times in 2008. "I told them, I can't answer anything about the Red Sox; I can talk about the history of the franchise, but I can't give an interview as a fan, because I'm a Rays fan."

You can't really blame Cena though. When it comes to sports allegiances, he seems to get a bit confused.

He's been seen at NBA arenas across the country sporting jerseys of not only the hometown Celtics — but also the threads of the hated Lakers and the developing-rival Magic.

He may have had reasons to don both, however. With the Lakers, it was supporting the company, after the Staples Center opened their doors to the WWE when the Denver Nuggets and the Pepsi Arena turned them away. Also, Cena allegedly was told by the Magic that if he were going to sit courtside, he was going to have to wear a Magic jersey to keep his seat.

Both situations, in Cena's opinion at least, may have warranted the jersey change, but was it really worth betraying the team you claim to root for? It's not like he's wearing 

What's next, John, a New York Giants jersey? Oh, wait a second

Maybe the grappler has taken too many chair shots to the head over time and that has affected the way he thinks, especially as a native of the Boston area.

With that in mind, is John Cena breaking the code of sports fans by rooting for Boston rivals?

Share your thoughts below.

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