Tiger Woods, ‘Cigar Guy’ Star in What Some Are Calling ‘Greatest Sports Photo Ever’


Sometimes, photography comes down to being in the right place at the right time.

For Daily Mail photographer Mark Pain, that moment came on Saturday morning in Wales at the Ryder Cup. The British photographer was able to snap a photo of Tiger Woods while in the line of fire. Woods, hit a terribly errant shot, one that hit Pain’s camera as the photographer was just yards away from the world’s No. 1 golfer.

Some are calling the photo one of the best sports photography has ever seen. And while the photo is gaining steam for its incredible timing with the ball coming straight at the camera, another figure in the photo is taking a life of its own.

A member of the gallery, shown on the right side of the photo to Woods’ left, is being immortalized all over the Internet as “Cigar Man,” “Cigar Dude,” or “Cigar Guy.” He’s tough to miss. He’s the man dressed in the turban smoking the stogie. In fact, some sites are even starting to sprinkle in some hilarious parodies featuring Cigar Man in some of sports’ greatest photographs ever.

Here is the original photograph from the Daily Mail’s Sunday publication Mail on Sunday.

Tiger Woods, 'Cigar Guy' Star in What Some Are Calling 'Greatest Sports Photo Ever'

Photo: (Mail on Sunday/Mark Pain)

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