Roberta Mancino Voted Sexiest Woman in Sport

Roberta Mancino Voted Sexiest Woman in SportWhen she’s not jumping out of planes, she can be found on the receiving end of a camera lens in a sexy photo shoot.

Because of these two reasons, Roberta Mancino has been voted Sexiest Woman in Sport by Men’s Fitness magazine.

The skydiving beauty has more than 4,000 jumps logged, including four nude. That’s right, nude skydiving. She picked up the extreme sport in 2001 after watching the movie Point Break and has since lived through five jumps during which her main chute wouldn’t open.

“My parachute failed five times because the way I packed it was wrong,” she told the magazine. “I had already jumped 28 times before I experienced my first malfunction, but I was really freaked out.

“I was spinning very fast and this made a cutaway on the main parachute difficult,” she added. “When your first parachute does not function properly, you have to use your reserve, but first you have to release the malfunctioning parachute from you. This is what we call a cutaway. With the tremendous amount of force on the release system during the spin, it can make for a very hard pull on the cutaway handle.

“When I had a fewer number of jumps I thought maybe I was going to die, but now I can’t live without skydiving because it has become my life.”

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Roberta Mancino Voted Sexiest Woman in Sport(Photo via Men’s Health)

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