Homeless Ted Williams, Owner of ‘Golden Voice,’ Offered Job by NFL Films, Cleveland Cavaliers


Jan 6, 2011

Homeless Ted Williams, Owner of 'Golden Voice,' Offered Job by NFL Films, Cleveland Cavaliers In the United States of America, anyone can get famous at any given time. Just ask Ted Williams.

Well, no, not that Ted Williams. Ask the Ted Williams who gained instant Internet fame this week when a video of him spread like wildfire across the web.

His plea has apparently worked.

CNBC’s Darren Rovell reported via Twitter that Williams has been offered a job with NFL Films. Last year’s death of broadcasting legend Harry Kalas left NFL Films without its voice, leaving a potential opening for the “homeless man with a golden voice.”

That’s not it, either, as the Cleveland Cavaliers have offered Williams a full-time job, according to SportingNews.com.

“The Cavaliers and Quicken Loans Arena are offering voice-over work in radio and television along with a new website launch that will require voice-over work from Williams,” said the report, which also could not confirm if Williams accepted the position.

While it’s certainly an interesting story, this isn’t even the Cavaliers’ first involvement with homeless people this year — though the first one wasn’t exactly their doing. A Miami newspaper collected LeBron James memorabilia from Cavs fans who no longer wanted it and then handed out the garments to Miami’s homeless population.

Williams explains in the YouTube video that he always aspired to use his gift for voice-overs, but “alcohol and drugs and a few other things became a part of my life.” He said he’s now been clean for two years and he’s “trying hard to get it back.”

As the saying goes, only in America.

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