There was already a ton of excitement surrounding Blake Griffin's debut in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest on Saturday night. Now, it seems as if Twitter has that anticipation level rising by the tweet.

Jonathan Abrams of The New York Times got the party started when he tweeted this on Saturday afternoon: "Dunk contest spoiler alert: Blake Griffin is planning to jump over a car tonight."

Griffin then turned to Twitter himself (naturally) and grew the suspense even more.

"Can't wait til later…will be special somethin u never seen before," he tweeted.

Of course, something we've never seen before could, well, be anything. But, it's not everyday you see someone jump over a car to slam dunk a basketball, either.

Rohan Cruyff, who runs a New Orleans Hornets blog for, added the final bit of "evidence." Cruyff, who is in Los Angeles for the festivities, took a picture of something that caught his eyes in the bowels of Staples Center.

Is Blake Griffin Planning to Jump Over a Car During NBA Slam Dunk Contest? Yep, it's a car.

"The car Blake Griffin will (theoretically) be jumping over tonight:" read the tweet.

Coincidentally (or not), the car is a Kia, and Kia just happens to be the "Official Automotive Partner of the NBA."

For now, it's certainly a bunch of conjecture, but it's certainly worth keeping an eye on — not that it would be tough to miss.

Follow along and find out if Griffin does indeed dunk over a car with's live blog of Saturday night's festivities.