Jeremy Roenick Calls Matt Cooke ‘Chicken [Expletive],’ Says Agitator Is ‘Why Someone’s Going to Get Either Paralyzed or Killed’


February 9, 2011

This ought to endear Jeremy Roenick to the folks in Boston.

The retired hockey star with Boston roots spoke out against Matt Cooke's latest cheap shot on Wednesday, calling the Pittsburgh agitator a word only fit for satellite radio.

"Does it surprise you?" Roenick said on XM Radio, according to Yahoo's Puck Daddy. Does it surprise you that Matt Cooke would be so … chicken [expletive] and do that?"

Prior to the league's four-game suspension put on Cooke, Roenick was hoping for something much stronger.

"That situation last night did not happen instinctively. It did not happen quickly. He had three or four seconds to make up his mind and drive those numbers into the glass," Roenick explained. "That's a situation where you take Matt Cooke, because of his history, into the office and you give him 20 games flat. Twenty games, gone, thanks for coming."

Roenick said that the hit on Fedor Tyutin was unquestionably a dirty one, and it's one that can lead to serious injuries.

"Matt Cooke, No. 1, doesn't have respect for anyone," Roenick said. "He's one of the least favorite guys in the league by the players for a reason. Hitting [Marc] Savard, having that all situation … But this situation last night is exactly what gives players bad names, gives guys bad names. It's why we have injuries. It's why someone's going to get either paralyzed or killed on the ice one of these days. Because of idiot, idiot, idiot people and plays like Matt Cooke did [Tuesday] night."

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