Last week, the most controversial topic surrounding the Bruins-Lightning series had nothing to do with the events on the ice. Instead, it involved a fictional bear and a couple of lighthearted jokes that turned into something much more serious.

The Bruins posted signs outside the TD Garden poking fun at Lightning fans, saying they were either elderly or non-existent. A Tampa radio host took offense to the signs and encouraged listeners to call the Bruins until the team agreed to take them down. The team did remove the signs, and reported afterward that the decision was only made after "the B's marketing department was inundated with death threats and harassing phone calls that legitimately made members of the B's organization feel threatened for their safety."

It was an altogether ugly situation that left many fans feeling unsettled. On Monday night, two of them did something about it.

Jon and Robb from the Bruins blog "Days of Y'Orr" held their own signs outside the Garden prior to Game 5, as seen in the photo below.

Bruins Fans Hold Homemade 'Bear' Marketing Signs Outside TD Garden to Replace Ones That Were Removed

"While the Bruins might have given in, we as fans do not have to," the blog said. "It is with that sentiment that we are making a call to arms of sorts. … Historically, Boston has been a city that pushes back when we get pushed. Don't be like the Bruins in Game 4. Don't be pushovers. Stand and fight back with us."

One of the original signs that offended Lightning fans said, "Loch Ness Monster. Big Foot. Tampa Bay Lightning Fans." Another said, "In Tampa, a 'hip check' usually comes from your insurance," while another said, "Lightning fans, which Tampa player is your grandson?"